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School years are a time for growth, challenge and discovery. At St. John's we encourage and prepare students to participate fully, to take risks to be self-advocates, and independent and to create lasting memories and relationships with peers and staff.

Under our roofs, our children develop a sense of universal fraternity and are habituated in amity, love, compassion, empathy and respect towards all including teachers, parents, other relations, neighbours, and friends.

We value every individual in our care and are determined to provide the best possible round of development in the most healthy environment in which our students can progress and succeed to face the ever-changing world of today.
We firmly believe that the only way a school can grow is when there is teamwork and complete cooperation between the Management, Parents and teachers. As all play a very vital role in helping students to reach their greatest potential.

In St.John's Academy we are not concerned merely with an accumulation of knowledge or the reading of a set of several books or the passing of an examination, but with the integration and training of a personality into a character – and not merely good individual character. We aim to build those characters into a living community. Thus the vision – “St. John's Academy strives for academic excellence and an all-round development of students through character building inculcating core values of ethics, patriotism, love, compassion and respect for all” is the very essence of education.

Every human being is endowed with the unpredictable potential for Excellence. Education guides each one to the realization of one’s real self and helps to achieve excellence.

We recognize the needs and attitudes of the growing kids and pleasantly guide them to realize themselves, their surroundings, their responsibilities, their lessons and more.

We are very fortunate to have a very dedicated highly talented and committed teaching staff and very loving and caring support to ensure the learning environment of our students.