St. John's Academy, a Christian minority senior secondary school, run by St. Francis Christian Educational and Charitable Society - Delhi.


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Among the various organs of education the school is of outstanding importance. School nurtures the intellectual faculties of the students as well as develops a capacity for sound judgement.. Education is much more than preparation for a career or a means of acquiring skills for a particular profession. Students are the hope of society and the future of the nation. So here at St. John’s we aim at the all round formation of the human person with a view of empowering the person to create a society inspired by the values of service in Love, peace rooted in justice and a fellowship based on equality. Our aim is to produce persons with thought and feeling with eagerness to share, and are capable of looking to nobler things in Life. We also try to form them into responsible citizens of the country and help them to face the day to day challenges of Life which moulds the students into integrated persons who can cope up with the demands of Life. One day a miner mistook a lump of ore for a lump of coal and tossed it into his stove. Later, while removing ashes from the stove, he found them littered with tiny gold beads. Picking up one of the beads he checked it closely. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The bead was pure gold. The heat had burned away the tellurium, leaving the gold in a purified state. Children are like telluride ore. Education helps them to utilize the opportunities to grow and live a fuller life and build a better tomorrow for all.