St. John's Academy, a Christian minority senior secondary school, run by St. Francis Christian Educational and Charitable Society - Delhi.


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  1. The fees are to be paid at the school fee counter on working days from 1st to 15th of every month. If 15th happens to be a non working day the fees will be collected on the next working day without fine.
  2. In case of failure in depositing fees by due date, (ie, between 1st and 15th of every month) a fine of Rs.50/- will be charged for every month.
  3. No fee will be refunded if the month for which the fees are deposited has already begun.
  4. No reduction in fees is made for holidays; this is applicable for summer vacation as well.
  5. Fee dues in vacation months are to be paid in advance.
  6. Tuition fee for the month of March has to be paid in the month of February.
  7. No reminder will be sent to the parents to pay the fees.
  8. Small children should not be entrusted with the payment of fees.
  9. The delay of the payment of fees beyond three months renders a student liable to be struck off the rolls without any information.
  10. Students shall not be allowed for the tests, terminal or final exam, unless the fee dues are paid to date.
  11. Timing of remitting fees From 08.00 A.M to 10.30 A.M, 11.30 A.M to 01.30 P.M