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1.Students are expected to take sufficient care of the library books. If a book is lost/damaged those in whose name it was issued will have to make good either the loss or damage.

2.It is strictly forbidden to write any remark in the book or underline words. If there are such in a book already, they should be brought to the notice of the librarian immediately on receiving the book, not later.

3.Before asking for a new book, student should have the old book duly crossed in the register.

4.Students should not borrow school library books from one another.

5.Books will not be issued during the vacations.

6.Students are not allowed to bring to the library their own books or any other personal belongings. A personal dairy may, however, be taken for the purpose of taking notes.

7.All should see that an atmosphere of SILENCE and seriousness is maintained in the library at all times.

8.Only one book at a time will be issued. A book may be retained only for 7 days.

9.Magazines, reviews and other periodicals should not be taken out of the library. The same applies for reference books which must be immediately returned after consultation.

10.Students, who have not returned their library books will not be allowed to appear for the Annual Examination.

11.Pupils from class V onwards must read at least 10 English and 5 Hindi books in a year. Two pages summary of each book read must be shown to the librarian.