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There are many things that cannot be taught except by experience alone. The fact that school celebrations and functions are endorsed by the head of the institution, and are observed with full vigour and enthusiasm clearly depicts the significance of these events. A number of events are celebrated in the school academic year. Celebrating any auspicious day increases the importance of that day and enlightens our values regarding that day. We have heard that "ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS", and so if we learn visually, we would have a long-lasting impact on our mind. School functions provide us a glimpse of better understanding of our patriotic days as well as religious days. Functions act as a source for students to showcase their hidden talent. Functions also change one's ideologies about several auspicious days. In the school, there are numbers of functions held occasionally. 15th August which is celebrated as Independence Day is one of them. Students are reminded of the saying, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country". Manager's day is another important day for the students of our school as this day celebrates the birthday of our beloved manager Rev. Fr. Earnest. We celebrate this day with our heart full of love and enthusiasm. Christmas: a really important day for all the 'Johnites' as the whole year, we eagerly wait for the Christmas celebration. This special day makes each one of us to live the happiest moments of the year. 26th January: Being proud citizens of our country, we celebrate the day with great enthusiasm.

We celebrate National festivals, teacher's day, Annual sports day and conduct study tours, picnic for students.