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St. John’s Academy is a Christian minority institution run by the  Capuchin Father of Prem Jyoti Capuchin  Region,  India. The Capuchin residing at St. JOSEPH’S ASHRAM, JWALA NAGAR are responsible for its functioning.

The Capuchin consider it as part of their Sacred duty to impart knowledge and mould the character of those entrusted to their care. With this objective, they aim at an integral education  of students : intellectual, social, moral, phychological and physical.The intellectual  education is sought to be given by way of a course of studies that is suited to the mental development of the students. The choice of the course of studies is governed by the consideration that it serve as a solid foundation for higher studies.

The social education is imparted by way of making the student realise that he/she is a member of a society. A student, therefore,is taught to cultivate a spirit of teamwork, and a healthy competition. A spirit of service and dedication to duty is also aimed at. Above all, the student is gradually trained in social skills and appropriate behaviour patterns in order to be a responsible citizen.

Solid moral foundation is laid from the very outset by way of  instilling in the students a passion for whatever is true, good,honest and honourable. To achieve this, high ideals are placed before them for emulation. The moral education is imparted in such a way that the principles of moral living exert a lasting influence through out their life.

Due attention is also paid to the psychological needs and capacities of the students. Emotional balancing is no less important than any other formation in the upbringing of a human person. We, therefore try to create a family atmosphere of love, care, concern and affection so that the students may know their self worth and grow in self esteem.

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”. The physical well being is provided for with ample opportunities in sports and games. Capable instructors and coaches are readily made available. Individual performances of the students are given all attention along with the instilling of a spirit of co-operation and sportsmanship.