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Uniforms are compulsory The specifications given below must be complied with:


                                                                     Class I-XII

                                        SUMMER Monday to Friday

                                     (except Wednesday & Saturday)


Navy blue pants, light blue

Shirt, Navy blue socks with

Two light blue stripes,

black shoes and school belt.


Navy blue salwar, Light blue

Kurta with attached navy blue

Jacket, Navy blue socks with

two light blue stripes, Navy

blue ribbons


                                     WINTER (Monday to Saturday)



Grey warm pants, Navy Blue

Blazer with school emblem,

White shirt, light blue tie, grey

Woollen socks with two white

Stripes, cap and black shoes



Grey warm skirt, Navy blue blazer

With school emblem, white shirt,

light blue tie, red ribbon, grey

woollen stocking with two white

stripes, red woollen scarf and

cardigan with two white stripes

and blackshoes


              WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY (Except in winter)


White pants, house T-shirt,

White socks with light blue

Stripes, white canvas shoes

And school belt.


White salwar suit with house

colour jacket, white ribbons,

white socks with two light blue

stripes & white canvas shoes.




The school uniform will be same as summer for both boys and girls.

Navy blue sweater with light blue stripes. Navy blue blazer with school emblem