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1.If child is on leave/absent for any of the assessments, he/she is not eligible for a rank or merit or prize. Students, absent from any test, orals, practicals or any examination, are on no condition re-examined.

2.Willfull breach of any of the regulations for conduct of the examination is punishable with expulsion from the examination hall; and if the offence is repeated, it will result in the cancellation of the entire examination. The ensuing results of the examination are final and shall not be reconsidered.

3.Evaluation will be done as follow:

    Internal Assessment (20 marks)

    Annual Examination (80 marks)

4.i)For Internal assessment three periodic tests will be taken

     Quarterly : July (1st week)

     Half yearly : September (2nd week)

     Pre-Annual : January (2nd week)

4.ii)Notebook maintenance (5%)

Before each periodic test notebook of students will be assessed & marks will be

allotted on the basis of   


b)Assignment Completion

c)Neatness & Upkeep Notebook

4.iii)Subject Enrichment Activity (5%)

Each subject teacher will assess the child on SEA.

5.Full syllabus will come for the Annual Examination at the end of the session.

6.Student must obtain 33% marks in each subject for promotion to the next class.

7.75% attendance is must for the promotion to the next class. It is important for a child to be regular in the class.

8.Results declared by the principal are final and will not be reconsidered.

9.Parents should carefully go through the Achievement record issued after the Assessment and return the same to the class teacher with their signature.

10.Class assessments must also be signed by the parents as and when directed by the teachers.

11.Examination shall not be anticipated or postponed for individual students. Examinations missed or failed will not be conducted again on any account.

12.If a student fail for 2 years consecutively in the same class he/she has to leave the school.

13.Internal re-checks, totalling of the marks etc. will be completed by a scheme of standardisation before reports are given out. Hence, as a general rule no answer script will be shown to parents after declaring the final results.