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Widest possible range of sports activities in the school includes band, throw ball, basket ball, volley ball, table tennis and athletics. St. John's Academy lays great emphasis on sports activities for the complete development of the students' personality. There are play grounds which include a basket ball court, throw-ball field, two badminton courts and a volleyball court.


1. Table Tennis- Every year school organizes inter-house competition. 2. Chess- To improve the mental power and concentration, every student is motivated to play chess, "A game of skill". 3. Carom- During common room time, students enjoy the game. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES 1. Badminton- School has two badminton courts. Inter-House competitions are organized every year.

2. Basket ball - Special basket ball coaching for students begins in the 7th class. We have our school team and it is ready to face the inter-zonal challenges. We participated in the zonal level competition and have won many major competitions.

3. Throw-ball - Students are given special coaching in throw-ball. 4. KHO-KHO - Students are interested also in playing Kho-Kho. They are given special training.