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In this age of Info-Tech, an early exposure to basics of computers readies every child for future and also helps the child to overcome any inhibitions they could have towards computer usage.

Our School has two up-to-date computer labs with latest models of computers and software to quench student;s inquisition regarding computer education. The labs have fully configured computers facilitated with latest input-output accessories to deliver a high-tech, hands-on-learning environment for students.

GOALS - To develop technological fluency through the effective use of computers - To familiarise students with various computer applications - To help students develop self-confidence as they develop their technological skills Junior Computer Lab
The junior computer lab is used for junior classes equipped with 60 computers with LCD monitors. It is powerful of handling the latest educational applications. All the systems are connected through a Thin Client networking technology to four very powerful and high-end configuration servers.

Senior Computer Lab It is mainly used for the senior classes which has 60 stand-alone latest computers with LCD monitors. The computers provide an extensive software suite having access to applications for word-processing, programing in a veriety of languages and many other uses. Specialised software for Maths, world language and science classes are also available. A remote administrative software is efficiently controlling the entire computers in the lab with the help of a dedicated site-engineer who monitors all the activities from each work station.