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Our school chisels each and every student through art and craft classes. Going by the words of the great artist and sculptor Michael Angelo "I went on shaping the stone until it started speaking", the school lays special emphasis on the artistic pursuits of the students.

In addition to regular class room teaching, students are motivated to enhance their skills in drawing, painting, craft etc. Regular inter-house competitions in art and craft are held not only to improve the artistic bent of mind of the students but also to provide room for entertainment and joy. The budding artists paint, draw and indulge in different activities to nourish their minds.

As art is the closest expression of the formless God it becomes a great means of creativity, innovation and novelty. Keeping the necessity of balancing studies with art, 'Kala Children Academy' from Mumbai conducts competitions in our school to inculcate a competitive spirit among the young learners. On the top of it students take a higher leap and take part in the zonal art and craft competitions to win laurels for themselves and the school.

The school boosts the morale of the students by giving away trophies and certificates. The parents hail the effort of the school and understand the role of art as a necessary dimension in the life of the students. The school boasts of producing a number of Arts students who have taken up Arts as their career.

The school organizes various competitions to the students like Debate, quiz, Elocution, Declamation, Calligraphy, Art and Craft, Solo singing, Dance , sports and games. Also we allow children to participate the zonal level competitions of curricular activities and sports.