St. John's Academy, a Christian minority senior secondary school, run by St. Francis Christian Educational and Charitable Society - Delhi.


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  1. Students, applying for admissions are, as a rule subjected to a competitive entrance test. They will be tested in standard below the one to which they seek admission.
  2. A new student joining from other school should be from a recongnised school and he/she cannot be admitted unless and until his/her Tranfer Certificate is produced and more over, countersigned by the Education Officer / Inspector of the State in which the school is situated.
  3. No transfer certificate is issued until all sums due to the school are paid.
  4. The management has the right to decide on what condition a pupil is admitted or detained in the school.
  5. Students are ordinarily admitted in U.K.G from Bal Jyoti and the minimum age prescribed for admission is 5 years. A corresponding age scale is prescribed for the other classes.
  6. Admission, if any, to different classes is depended upon the vacancy arising out of the withdrawal of the students from the school. Applications in this regard are entertained only in the last week of March.
  7. The date of birth once entered in the admission register of the school will not be changed, as it is against law.
  8. The very condition of admission will be that the parents/guardian will comply strictly with the terms and conditions given in the school hand book and the rules concerning fees and other charges. Any future changes regarding Rules and Fees will also be binding.
  9. Every application for a Transfer Certificate shall be made in writing, showing the reason, by parent/ guardian will be issued after 4 days.
  10. The school office will remain open for 10 days after the summer vacation begins to enable those transferred to apply and collect the transfer and other certificate of their wards. For the late applications TC will be issued only when the officer re-opens after summer vacation.