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Uninterrupted power supply is not only required for the units of industrial productions but also for the increased productivity of minds. That is why we do not leave everything to the vagaries of intermittent power supplies. We have installed necessary equipments so that the sublime act of imparting knowledge and skills to the young minds does not come to a standstill even for a moment. In the event of a sudden power failure, we have ensured that the functioning of equipments in the labs, computers, lights and fans for the children etc. do not stop. The power back up equipments at work in our school are as below:

  • Two generators – 25 KV & 20 KV
  • Four online UPS of 15 KV each
  • Seven offline UPS of 2 KV each
  • Seven inverters of 1 KV each All these ensure a 24 x 7 light, sound & action!